Equipment – Urban Paintball Edinburgh | Scotland's indoor paintball site, open 7 days until 10pm!


The best paintball kit

At Urban Paintball Edinburgh we pride ourselves on using quality paintball equipment.

Every time you step into our paintball arena, you’ll be fully kitted up in the best paintball kit to make sure you rule the paintball zone!

Run by paintballers, we know having good kit is essential, so everything is always running smoothly for when you’re in a firefight!

Paintball Equipment Safety

All of our equipment is regularly maintained for safety to the highest standard so it won’t let you down!

Full insurance is included as a standard with health and safety procedures pre-approved by Edinburgh City Council.


Paintball Mask

Gives you the best protection, visibility & ventilation. Complete with a thermal lens so you don’t fog up!

Paintball Gun

A semi-automatic Tippman Fliptop, one of the most reliable and one that won’t let you down!


Takes the paint hits, so you don’t need to get your clothes dirty!

Ammo Pack

Carry an extra 400 paintballs in your ammo pack, ready for when you need them!

Body Armor

Gloves, body armour & neck guard to give you the confidence when in a firefight!

M4 Rifle

Give yourself the edge with a gun upgrade!

£5 upgrade