FAQ – Urban Paintball Edinburgh | Scotland's indoor paintball site, open 7 days until 10pm!


What is the minimum age to play paintball?

The minimum age is eleven years old. Any players under sixteen will need to be signed in by a responsible adult over the age of 18.

Do I need to book Paintball?

NO! The centre is open until 10pm, 7 days (last entry is 7.45pm). We run 50 paintball guns at all times, if there is a gun available you can get involved in the action as soon as you get your kit on. Walk-ins are definitely encouraged. To absolutely guarantee your slot and avoid waiting it is advised to call and book (£5 deposit pp required for bookings).

How far in advance should I book paintball?

Bookings can be made on the day itself providing the guns are not already booked.

What times do the paintball sessions run from?

Unlike most paintball sites we do not run set sessions. As long as there are players, games will run. Games typically last between 6-10mins and players may join games during the intervals. The centre is open 7 days per week until 10pm! (last entry 7.45pm)

How many players do I need to play paintball?

There is no minimum as you will be mixed in with other groups that are also booked at the site so there will be plenty of people to shoot at! During the week it may be quieter therefore if coming in small groups it may be advisable to call to check if others are booked in to maximize the action.

How can I book paintball?

Either by emailing info@urbanpaintballedinburgh.com or by calling the centre. You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £5 per person to secure your places so it is a good idea to collect this money from your group in advance.

How can I pay my deposit?

Over the telephone, by calling 01315553575 during opening hours or by coming into the centre. We accept cash, credit or debit card. We do not accept cheques.

What happens when I arrive at the paintball arena?

You will be greeted by our reception staff who will take payment and show you into the briefing room. Here you will watch a short safety video where the arena’s rules and procedures will be outlined.

Every player is required to watch this video regardless of how many times they have visited. You will then exit the briefing room where you will sign off disclaimers to indicate you are aware of the arenas operating procedures and receive your kit. Next players will move through to the team area where they will get changed and wait on the current group returning from the game zone.

In between games the marshals will explain the next game scenario and allow players to re-load and purchase refreshments. You can play as many games as you wish. Once finished, kit can be returned to the reception desk.

Does paintball hurt?

The most common pre-conception about paintball is that it is really painful. The truth is if it were that painful people simply wouldn’t play!

You can expect a sting similar to that of a thick rubber band snap against your skin. Most players are pleasantly surprised after their first hit. Furthermore our guns are set at a lower FPS (power) than outdoor sites as we do not require the same range being indoors.

We use top quality paint produced in the UK by Powerball, this top quality paint is produced to break with as little force as possible, reducing pain. All females and players under 16 have access to protective body padding as well as the option to rent uprated body armour.

Can adults and children play paintball together?

This is a regular question brought up by parents. The minimum age at Urban Paintball Edinburgh is 11 years old.

Paintball, as an activity is a simulated war game. Some 11 year olds take to it like a duck to water. Others not so. As a parent, you will probably know whether your child is the sort of youngster who is mentally ready to undertake paintball as an activity.

We have taken tens of thousands of players through our mixed group experience with great success and positive feedback, the vast majority of paintball sites operate in this way. Adults are always distributed evenly between teams.

Our full-time professional marshals are on hand, supervising at all times to ensure that everyone is having a great time and no one gets left out. We always encourage worried parents to consider – does it hurt more if you are shot by an adult rather than a child? The answer is neither. It hurts the same, so why wouldn’t we mix up the adults and kids? Younger players are smaller targets, have free body padding and are generally quicker and smarter than the adults!

Can I play paintball exclusively with my own group?

Although we normally offer a mixed group experience. Private arena hires are available at all times.

The cheapest way to do this is actually outwith our opening times. A minimum group spend of £150 is required to open the arena outwith our opening hours (e.g. 6 players at £25 each).

If you are hoping for an exclusive hire during our opening hours your group would need to have enough players to fill the majority of our paintball arena (40 players). For smaller groups call us to discuss an exclusive hire, for an average group this would usually increase the average price per person by £10.

We encourage people not to be put off by a mixed group experience, most paintball sites operate in this way. We always ensure young and old are distributed evenly between teams and all games are monitored by marshalling staff who are trained to ensure all players have a great time.

What should I wear when I play paintball?

Sensible outdoor shoes and a couple of layers of old clothes. Overalls are provided but please bear in mind paint can soak through.

What food and drink is available at the paintball site?

We operate a counter in the team area which sells cold drinks and chocolate bars.

We also have discounted deals set up with Pizza Hut and Frangos, orders can be taken at the reception counter and will be delivered to our cafe area in 10 minutes for you to enjoy. All food and drinks consumed on site must be bought on site.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you know you are going to be running late, please call ahead and let us know and it wont affect your session. If not, we assume you will not be coming and your gun will be held for a maximum of 15 mins before it is made available for hire by walk-in customers.

Can I bring alcohol to the paintball site?

No. No-one is allowed to play under the influence of alcohol.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

No. Only paintballs purchased at the site may be used. At the end of the day, we’re a business with bills to pay. If we didn’t have this income then we wouldn’t be here. Plus we use top quality powerball paint which hurts less, is carefully rotated and temperature/humidity controlled which means that you and all of the other customers benefit from less pain when being inevitably shot!

Can we buy extra paintballs on the day?

Yes! The price per hundred is £8.99. Paintballs may be bought from the team area counter along with cold drinks. Bulk buy deals are available.

Can I use my own paintball gear?

Players may bring their own equipment on any day, subject to inspection by the centre manager and marshals.

Markers must be set to semi-automatic and be capped at no more than 10.5 bps/270fps.

Bear in mind if you play overly aggressively or as if you are at a high level competition the customers will not want to play with you and you may miss games.

Are showers available?


Is there somewhere we can leave valuables?

Yes, we offer self-service, state-of-the-art electronic baggage and safe deposit lockers from ulockers – which can be rented as required from as little as £1.

All ulockers are alarmed, remotely monitored and include up to £500 contents insurance cover.