Gallery – Urban Paintball Edinburgh | Scotland's indoor paintball site, open 7 days until 10pm!


Your visit to Urban Paintball

When you visit Urban Paintball Edinburgh, you’ll be given the best equipment and play in our state of the art indoor paintball arena!

We’ve designed the arena so you can be a deadly sniper in one of our towers, or get up close for a firefight around our helicopter.

No matter what you’re style of play, you’ll find the arena awesome.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest images and videos. Also keep an eye our for when we use Facebook live page as we often show games live!

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Our favorites

Here’s some of our favourite videos and pictures from Urban Paintball Edinburgh.

There’s a good chance the team at Urban Paintball will be taking photo’s while you’re there playing – so check our Facebook page to see all the latest and get tagging!

Facebook Live

Soon we’ll also be running Facebook live camera straight from the indoor arena, so you’ll be able to see paintball games live. Awesome?!